“Quest of Beauty brought me up here”

Designer Giuliano Cinquina. 

The way

Giuliano Cinquina started designing stainless steel jewels unexpectedly, at the height of a very personal expressive research he began as a very young man with painting and then through the years using various creative media, such as photography, set design, audiovisual, and cinema writing.

It all began with The First

First model designed by Giuliano Cinquina is a man’s wearable item that he called The Firstand that he made with a scrap metal sheet (he will later discover that it was stainless steel) found by chance on the ground at that time.

After a short time he used stainless steel to create several “wearable structures”.

Ahead to its time

Those creations were far ahead of time even for their author, who decided to stop his research drastically.

Giuliano went back to work on them long afterwards (after several years of activities as product designer) and definitively adopted them as his own expressive language of choice.


Stainless steel

Stainless steel jewelry. Here preciousness is measured in carats… of “beauty”. This is a cultural alternative to luxury tout court.


The accessory unisex enters the contemporary rites of appearance.

On the skin

Steel on the skin. The metallic make-up is served! A new way of considering non-precious metropolitan jewels. The future is already here.

The Brand

Limited edition

The collection ready-to wear in this store proposes sensual and seductive creations, with a strong visual impact and pleasant to wear.

The Brand creates just a few new models per season, since Giuliano does not like to repeat unnecessary variants of the same conceptual model.

Likewise, only a few specimens per model are produced annually.

Hand-made by the Author

The creations of Cinquina brand are made by hand, largely by the same author. However, mirror polishing of the metal surface is extremely difficult and laborious (if you want to do it well) and requires outsourced professional polishing.