Lohbo – Unisex Mono Earring


.Absolute amazing stainless steel mono-earring.

LohBo is a unisex mono earring to be placed on the left ear.
It is available in three sizes (VIEW SIZING GUIDE) and in three different colors (white, blue, red) in addition to the glossy steel finishing. 
In colored versions, the enamel is applied only on the outer face of the earring, while the inner side is always polished.

How to wear it

LohBo is fixed by introducing, at the top, the upper part of auricle and making it adhere, at the bottom, to a magnetic clip attached to the earlobe.

LohBo comes with an original travel tubular case and is guaranteed for five years.

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Additional information


MATERIALS: Stainless Steel nickel free
COLOR: Mirror, White, Red, Blue
WEIGHT: 5 gm
DESIGNER: Giuliano Cinquina
MADE IN: Spain