Waiting Mask – Face Jewelry


.A new way for your make-up

Waiting Mask revolutionizes your concept of make-up. Completely made of stainless steel, it follows the face sinuously from one ear to the other, a loop over the other under the eyes.

The elasticity of the material and the adjustable elastic cord allow this fantastic jewel to adhere gently but firmly to the face, ensuring utmost stability even in extreme conditions of use such as artistic or sports performances (dance, art skating alike).

Waiting Mask is provided with a felt travel case and is guaranteed for five years.

How to wear it

The correct positioning of Waiting Mask is made easy by the presence of a small relief on the top edge of the jewel, at about half of its length, to align it with the nose.

One size fits all.

Waiting Mask comes in travel pouch and is guaranteed for five years.


Additional information

Additional Information

MATERIALS: Stainless Steel nickel free
SIZE: One size fits all
WEIGHT: 5 gm
DESIGNER: Giuliano Cinquina
MADE IN: Spain