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I am allergic to nickel. Can I wear your jewelry?

All Giuliano Cinquina’s jewelry are entirely made on special stainless steel alloy, doesn’t contain nickel (0%).

I notice the wire of my jewel is a bit tarnished. What can I do to it and make it brighter and more shiny?

Before weaving, gently clean the wire with water and baking soda or vinegar and rinse with water. Wipe down the wire gently with a microfiber cloth for water spots. This may be all you need for a brighter color of stainless steel. You can also try a polishing cloth as a final polish.

How do I repair a jewel?

Cinquina offers a repair service for Cinquina jewelry purchased at giulianocinquina.com . Please for this service contact Cinquina by email at service@cinq.dev .

Is there a guarantee on my jewelry?

A limited guarantee card is included with each Cinquina jewel purchase. Guarantees are valid for five years. Our limited guatantees cover all manufacturing and mechanical defects, excluding malfunction or deterioration resulting from accidents or negligence. Complete guarantee information is provided in the booklet.